Affiliations and Accreditations

DNV GL - Healthcare

DNV GL is a partner for safer healthcare, providing quality driven accreditation and clinical excellence certifications to America’s hospitals. DNV GL - Healthcare has deeming authority granted by CMS to accredit critical access hospitals. DNV GL's accreditation program for critical access hospitals employs the proven NIAHO® standards and a highly collaborative survey process. Surveys are conducted annually and procedures are tied to the specific CMS Conditions of Participation for critical access hospitals.

Washington State Hospital Association

Pullman Regional Hospital is a member of the Washington State Hospital Association, a membership organization representing hospitals and health-related organizations throughout the state. The WSHA provides issues management and analysis, information, advocacy and other services. For more information go to

Association of Washington Public Hospital Districts

The Association of Washington Public Hospital Districts has served as the trade association for Washington State's public hospital districts since 1952. Pullman Regional Hospital is a public hospital district governed by a board of publicly elected commissioners.

Scott Adams, Pullman Regional's hospital administrator, was named president of the Association of Washington Public Hospital Districts in October of 2000, serving a one-year appointment. Mr. Adams is also a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE), the nation's leading professional society for healthcare leaders. Details about the AWPHD can be found at

Washington Health Foundation

The Washington Health Foundation was created in 1992 with a clear vision of improving health for the people of Washington State. Today, they have redefined that goal, creating a statewide campaign in the process. Their auspicious vision to make Washington the healthiest state in the nation has been met with great success through their unique blend of public affairs, policies, grants and direct services. The WHF has assisted Pullman Regional Hospital with various projects through a number of grants over the years. More information can be found at