Our History

95,000 square foot level IV trauma center with 25 patient beds, 4 ORs, and 24-hour emergency care, serving the Palouse region and beyond.

Revolutionizing Healthcare

Formerly Pullman Memorial Hospital, Pullman Regional Hospital is a full-service medical center that offers a range of advanced medical services to the Palouse region. The 95,000 square-foot facility features a state-of-the-art surgery center, fully digital imaging department, increased patient bed spaces including private birthing suites, a helipad, and wireless patient information. Pullman Regional Hospital is a Level IV State Designated Trauma Center and provides 24-hour Emergency Medicine care by board certified emergency medicine physicians.

An Investment in Caring

In November 2001, construction of the new facility was set into motion when local residents passed an $8.2 million construction bond. With additional efforts, the Pullman Hospital Foundation secured grants and private funding. The $28.5 million facility is serving the campus of Washington State University as well as Whitman and Latah counties, providing the greater community broader access to healthcare.

Pullman Regional Hospital officially opened its doors to patients on December 16, 2004.

Built to Care — Design Innovation and Healing

The hospital atmosphere can be a large secondary source of stress for patients, their families and healthcare staff. The overall design of any hospital may have a direct effect on patient health and quality of care. For example, poor lighting can be easily linked to patient depression and staff errors, while crowded patient rooms with poor air quality can lead to the likelihood of increased infections. In addition to treatment, hospitals should be more focused on the general promotion of healing.

Pullman Regional Hospital’s innovative construction and design safeguards patients, families and staff while creating a comfortable, healthy environment. With feedback from various groups, including healthcare experts and members of the local community, Pullman Regional Hospital prioritized a number of design features to foster this kind of space. Pullman Regional Hospital features:

  • Private patient rooms with large windows and views of the Palouse
  • De-centralized nursing stations, closer to patient rooms
  • Natural light and expanded lighting options
  • Decreased noise levels with sound-absorbing ceiling panels and tiles
  • Centralized ventilation system and air filters
  • Easy to navigate hallways with benches to rest along the way
  • More public seating areas to accommodate families and patients


Pullman Regional Hospital Vitals

Important Dates

  • Construction Completion Date: November 2004 

  • Opening Date: December 16, 2004

General Features & Details

  • Square Footage: 95,000

  • 8 Family Maternity Center beds

  • 16 Medical/Surgical private overnight beds, each has a guest bed and great view

  • 2 ICU beds, each with overnight accommodations for guests

  • 4 conference rooms

  • Parking: 245 free stalls

  • Level IV Trauma Center; Level III Stroke Center, Level II Cardiac Center

  • Chapel

  • Health Resources Library

  • Comfortable family visitor rooms, consultation rooms & day-use rooms

  • Easy & convenient access in Pullman overlooking Washington State University campus

  • Telehealth consultations with national & international specialists


  • 3 state-of-the-art surgery suites

  • 2 endoscopy/ procedure suites

  • 12 private same-day surgery pre-op/post-op rooms

  • Convenient evening surgery times available for surgeons & patients

  • da Vinci robotic-assisted surgical technology


  • 8 private treatment rooms including: 3 trauma suites and 5 general & specialty treatment rooms

  • Cardiac monitoring

  • Hazardous materials decontamination area

  • Telehealth consultations with Spokane Level II trauma hospitals

  • 24-hour stroke care through Telestroke technology

Radiology / Imaging

  • Fully Digital Imaging department

  • In-House MRI (New: Optima MR450w with GEM suite, installed Dec. 2012)

  • CT Scanner - faster scan times, optimal image quality

  • 24-hour week day and 12-hour weekend coverage for ultrasound

  • Vascular software

  • Cardiac scoring and full body CT scans

  • Immediate imaging, interpretation and reporting back to your physician/surgeon

Maternity / BirthPlace

  • 8 fully-equipped labor/delivery/post-partum/recovery suites

  • Each suite has a private Jacuzzi, pull out guest bed, TV, stereo & a beautiful view of the Palouse

  • Epidural / pain relief capability

Sleep Center

  • Overnight comfortable sleep studies

  • Access to board-certified sleep specialists

Red Sage Cafe

  • Seating for 40+

  • Room service-style ordering and delivery

For more information, please contact the Community Relations Department

(509) 336-7390