Real Stories

Safiya and Hannah's Story

Two Pullman 16-year-olds celebrate six years of hosting annual fundraisers for charitable causes

Michelle's Story

Athletic training services have given Michelle Hyatt, parent and Lead School Nurse peace of mind.

Joanne's Story

While visiting Paris on a group tour, Joanne fell on steep stone steps and hurt her hip. It’s a long way from Paris but for patient Joanne Anderson from Pullman, she’d much rather receive care from her home town hospital. “I don’t feel like I could have gotten better care anywhere else,” Joanne said.

Partners in Health Excellence

Nikki Nolt, Volunteer Services Coordinator, was presented with the Friends of HPSC Award, to recognize her outstanding work facilitating student volunteers hours and experiences at the hospital.

Melissa's Story

“Because of Pullman Regional Hospital, my children came home to visit me; not to bury me.”

Kimberly's Story

“No ball ever got dropped.” That’s what new mom Kimberly Lackey said about her experience in BirthPlace at Pullman Regional Hospital.