Music & Memory

Pullman Regional Hospital is a certified MUSIC & MEMORY℠ facility, with trained volunteers who set up personalized music playlists, delivered on iPods, for hospital patients. Patient Support Volunteers provide this service to Avalon Care Center patients as well.

Musical favorites tap deep memories of patients with dementia and can bring participants back to life, enabling them to feel like themselves again, to converse, socialize and stay present. For those not suffering with dementia, music can help lift patients’ spirit and ease anxiety and pain. Recent research shows that music stimulates different parts of the brain which can be beneficial in aiding recovery.

The benefits of this form of music therapy have been well studied and documented by distinguished researchers, including Dr. Oliver Sacks, co-founder of the Institute for Music and Neurologic Function. Read more about the national program at

"Music and Memory at Avalon Care Center has provided support for our long term and short term rehabilitation population. Our short term clients have reported such benefits as increased relaxation and better pain management while our long term residents who experience cognitive loss have been given back moments with families through music. This program has added tremendous value to Avalon and would not have been successful without the patient support volunteers provided by Pullman Regional Hospital; for that we are grateful." -Tarrin Weber, Administrator, Avalon Care Center – Pullman

Benefits of personalized music include:
  • An enjoyable activity for persons receiving infusions or who are bed-bound.
  • Boost in staff and patients’ morale and spirits.
  • Reduced agitation and loneliness by patients.
  • A valuable tool in the effort to reduce reliance on medications.


Ginny Hauser is the team volunteer lead for Music & Memory at Pullman Regional Hospital. Ginny initially joined the volunteer team as part of the Palouse Threshold Choir.  From there, Ginny decided to become further involved by becoming a Patient Support Volunteer.  It was during this training that Ginny and the other volunteer applicants watched the film Alive Inside.  Ginny knew immediately after seeing the film that this was a program that was needed on the Palouse.  With the support of the volunteer program at Pullman Regional Hospital, Ginny committed to bring Music and Memory to patients at the hospital as well as Avalon Care Center in Pullman.  Other local organizations have since joined the efforts to expand access to Music and Memory across the Palouse.

Ginny began playing the flute in 6th grade and has loved music her whole life.  Now retired from Washington State University where she worked in the Student Counseling Center, Ginny sings with the Palouse Threshold Choir and occasionally still plays her flute.  Read more about this program HERE.


Ginny Hauser is the Team Volunteer Lead for the Music and Memory program at Pullman Regional