Why I Chose


Nicole Dwyer-PA-C

Physician Assistant

"Today I turned a corner. It’s been thirty two days since my knee replacement surgery, and for the first time I’m feeling almost back to my old self, in fact, I’m feeling better than my old self. I went for a short hike today and my knee pain was virtually non-existent. Sure, I have some soft tissue discomfort, but the arthritic pain I’ve felt for years is gone. It’s such a relief and I’ve been on cloud nine all day. I cannot give enough praise regarding my care by Dr. Pennington and the nurses, CNA’s, anesthetists and therapists that cared for me at Pullman Regional Hospital. I’m an employee and clinician with the Hospitalist service, and I’ve experienced both sides of healthcare delivery in many different institutions. Pullman Regional Hospital is above par with everything from the same day surgery staff, to the OR team, to the PACU team, the radiology department, the inpatient hospital nurses, pharmacists and therapists. I feel blessed to have received such excellent care, and to have such a talented and compassionate team of professionals to work with." -Nicole Dwyer, PA-C

Breast Imaging Center of Excellence

Imaging Services is a designated ACR Breast Imaging Center of Excellence by the American College of Radiology (ACR). The ACR recognizes breast imaging centers that have earned accreditation in mammography, stereotactic breast biopsy, and breast ultrasound (including ultrasound-guided breast biopsy).

Krystal and Jace Hill

The Hills sing the praises of the BirthPlace

When newborn Emmaline Hill, 6 lbs, 15 oz., joined the world at Pullman Regional Hospital at 7:56 a.m. on January 1 2016, little did she know she would make local headlines as the first New Year's baby born on the Palouse and the Lewiston-Clarkston Valley. For parents Krystal and Jace Hill, Moscow, their baby may be famous but they think she's "perfect." The fact she was born on New Year's Day did not come as a surprise since it was a planned induction but ended up being a natural birth. "We even planned to leave the football game we were watching so that we left at halftime," said Jace, who says he is a football fan but not as much as his wife. "The game was kind of slow at that point so it was a good time to leave (to go to the hospital)," Krystal said with a smile. This is the first baby for the couple, who are originally from Salt Lake City, Utah. They moved to the Palouse a year and a half ago for Jace to attend WSU Veterinary Medicine Program. He is in his fourth year and will graduate in May 2016. Krystal and Jace plan to move back to Salt Lake City where Jace will practice in his father's veterinary clinic. "We may travel back to Pullman Regional Hospital when we have our second one," said Jace with a laugh. The Hills sing the praises of the BirthPlace and for the care received. Krystal said she chose Pullman Regional Hospital because of "the reviews and the lactation specialist.” "We have been very, very satisfied," she said.

Safe Sleep Certification

BirthPlace was recently recognized by the National Safe Sleep Hospital Certification Program as a Gold Certified Safe Sleep Champion for our commitment to best practices and education on infant safe sleep. Pullman Regional Hospital is one of the first hospitals in Washington state and one of 38 in the nation to receive the designation.

Jody Conrad

Pullman Regional Hospital Emergency Department...what you do is important.

Late one evening in March, a temperature of 104 sent me to the Emergency Department at Pullman Regional Hospital where I was treated for pneumonia. Though I especially remember the kind and compassionate care of nurse Charles, I want to thank the many men and women who work long nights in Emergency to take care of people like me. From registration and triage, to the certified nursing assistants, nurses, and doctors, to respiratory and radiology...what you do is important. How you do it is impeccable.

Carissa Little

A home away from home

I chose Pullman Regional Hospital because of the outstanding staff and care given by both doctors and nurses. Birthplace is a comforting place to bring a baby into the world. It truly feels like a home away from home.

Women's Choice Award

Patient Experience

We have been recognized as one of America’s 100 Best Hospitals for Patient Experience with a Women’s Choice Award for three consecutive years. The Women’s Choice Award is the first national award based on the recommendations and preferences of women as measured by HCAHPS (Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems) data.

Annie McKeirnan

Convenient services and caring staff help busy mom

I love Pullman Regional Hospital so much. The care and concern they provided me at BirthPlace through all my deliveries has been outstanding. My oldest three children all go to speech therapy at Summit Therapy and Health Services. The team there went above and beyond to schedule therapy appointments for each one of them at the same time with Summit’s three different speech pathologists. That helps me tremendously as a busy mother.

Barbara Sullivan

I feel better than I have in a year

Barbara Sullivan, 75, Moscow resident, has a goal. “I have a 13 year old granddaughter that I’m like a mother to; my goal is to see her graduate from high school.” Barbara has COPD and is taking part in Pullman Regional Hospital’s Pulmonary Rehabilitation program to reach that goal. “I feel better than I have in a year,” she said. “They have increased my oxygen and I’m able to do things I couldn’t do before.” Over Labor Day, Barbara had a medical emergency when she stopped breathing. Luckily her granddaughter was with her and called 911. “I told them I want to go to Pullman Regional Hospital,” Barbara said. She was admitted to the hospital and stayed as an inpatient for one week. “I’ve never been in a hospital where you are treated as well as I was at Pullman,” Barbara said. “The staff was terrific, from the nurses to housekeeping and it doesn't smell like a hospital.” she said. “They explained everything to me and the doctors were very nice and thorough.” She goes on to say, “Everything was so clean and quiet. It felt like you were in a hotel and I got to pick my own meals. The food was very good.” Barbara said, “When I read about Pullman Regional Hospital in the newspaper and your awards and all you do for the community, I thought that’s the hospital I want to go to.”

Five Star Hospital

We have been voted a 5 star hospital for the past four quarters for patient experience, based on Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ new Five-Star Rating System. This is the highest ranking a hospital can receive as voted by its patients. We are only one of 251 hospitals in the nation to receive this designation.

Kali Gesser and Kruz

Magical Ice

Kali and Jason Gesser really like ice – particularly the ice made at Pullman Regional Hospital’s Red Sage Cafe. So much so that shortly after Kali had her third child at BirthPlace in June 2013, her husband, Jason, former WSU quarterback who helped take the Cougars to the 2003 Rose Bowl, came back to get the make and model of our ice machine. He then bought a similar one for the new house they were building in Pullman. 
“The ice machine is just magical,” says Kali as she described the tall glass of apple juice over ice that she drank after giving birth to son Kruz, 15 months. 
Beyond just quenching her thirst post-delivery, Kali describes BirthPlace as a second home she didn’t want to leave. “I felt so taken care of and waited on,” she gushes. “They (the staff) are just there to help you.” 
Kali moved from Seattle to Pullman in 2012, when she joined Jason who was coaching for the University of Idaho at that time. Since then, Jason is working in development at WSU and is a commentator for WSU Cougar Football. Kali explains that ‘women’ talk and when she told her new friends in Pullman that she was going to have a baby, “Everyone said ‘You are going to love Pullman Regional Hospital.’” 
The Gessers have three children, Jordyn, 11; Kolten, 7; and Kruz, 15 months. Kali had her first two children in Seattle at big hospitals. She compares the two experiences as very different. “It’s the little touches at Pullman Regional Hospital.” She sites massage after delivery and room service as some of those special touches. “And your nurses are unreal,” she says. “They became part of the family while I was there.” 
Kali was in Pullman Regional for a few days after her cesarean section. “The nurses became part of the family while I was here. They took great care of me and let me rest.” She describes the surgical experience as very serene. “Everyone was so calm and relaxed,” she says. “Just chill. It’s very comforting.” 
Jason was in the surgical suite during the caesarian section and Kali said he didn’t feel “in the way,” like he did with her other caesarian sections in the larger hospitals. “He felt a part of it,” she says. 
Kali cherishes the memory of holding her son right after the caesarian (which often times does not happen in a larger hospital. “That was so special,” she says. 
By the way, the Gessers are still enjoying their ice machine inspired by Pullman Regional Hospital. “The whole neighborhood comes over to use it,” she says with a smile. 

Marie Weiss

I want to receive my care at Pullman Regional Hospital

It has been almost three years since I had my knee replacement surgery at Pullman Regional Hospital. The orthopedic surgeon was awesome. I spent three days at the hospital and cannot say enough about the positive experiences I had during my stay. The nurses were helpful and always there when you needed assistance. I really liked having a private room and being able to order what I wanted to eat. All the help and advice I received from the nursing staff and physical therapists made my stay wonderful and made recovery easier. Another reason for choosing Pullman Regional Hospital is that I volunteer weekly at the Information Desk where I assist in helping individuals find the services they need. The friendly and caring staff at the hospital make it the place where I want to receive my care.

Women's Choice Award


We have been named one of America’s Best Hospitals for Obstetrics in 2017 by the Women’s Choice Award®. This is the third time BirthPlace has received the award which places Pullman Regional Hospital in the top 17 % of 2,815 U.S. hospitals offering obstetrics based upon patient satisfaction scores, women’s preferences & clinical excellence.

Carrie Lee

Carrie's First Choice

I was lucky enough to give birth to my daughter, Lindsey, at Pullman Hospital 23 years ago. I appreciated the kindness of their nursing staff as well as the individual attention I received. From that point forward, I think of Pullman Regional first when considering any kind of medical procedure for myself or my family. I heard about the new daVinci surgical robotics system from family and friends and chose this approach when a hysterectomy was recommended by my doctor. The communication between myself and my caregivers was excellent and I was pleased with my quick recovery with minimal pain. We are fortunate to have such a world class health care facility on the Palouse.

Kirsten Neelon

I got great care at Pullman Regional Hospital

Kirsten Neelon had been struggling with “female” issues for nearly a year before she had robotic-assisted surgery to remove her uterus. “I had severe back pain, stomach pain and was tired all the time,” says the 48 year old operating room technician who has worked at Pullman Regional Hospital in Surgical Services for the last eight years. An ultrasound revealed that she had two large fibroids on her uterus. She discussed the options with her gynecologist Dr. Charles Richards. “I knew what I was going to do though,” she said. “I wanted them out and I wanted to have robotic-assisted surgery at Pullman Regional Hospital.” Kirsten knew the advantages of robotic assisted surgery for hysterectomies from working at Pullman Regional Hospital. “Everyone says there is less pain and recovery is quick. Kirsten’s experience was no different. I had surgery on a Wednesday and spent the night in the hospital,” she said. “I was done with pain medication (Tylenol) by the end of the weekend.” She took two weeks off from work as recommended and said she felt great. “I got great care at Pullman Regional Hospital,” she said. “My nurses were great. The whole process was great!”

Lori Olson

Family Is Everything

Bob and Lori Olson moved to Pullman in 1997 to raise their three girls in a small community and explore new business opportunities. They are co-owners in their business R.B. Olson Construction, LLC, in Pullman.
Like other families, they have faced unexpected health issues. In December of 2012, their youngest daughter, Maja detected an abnormal lump on her neck. After consulting with their family provider, JoAnn Tracy, PAC at Pullman Family Medicine, Maja was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer. 
“Having your daughter diagnosed with cancer is terrifying,” Lori said, “let alone at the age of 18. Cancer has no targets. You never think it’s going to happen to your family.” 
The Olson’s turned to Pullman Regional Hospital to use the hospital’s advanced services and technology for Maja’s appointments, check-ups and her surgery.
“We loved that it was close to home,” Lori said. “Walking into Pullman Regional Hospital feels like we’re among friends.”
Maja had a complete thyroidectomy performed by Dr. Derrick Walker with Palouse Surgeons. He was assisted by Dr. John Visger. Lori and Bob both said they felt confident their daughter was getting the best care by the staff at Pullman Regional Hospital.
“It felt like they ware family looking out for us,” said Bob who explains that living in a small town and knowing many of the people who were caring for Maja was comforting.
Bob jokes that they are “frequent fliers” at Pullman Regional Hospital for the Olsons have turned to the consistent and dependable care of the Pullman staff for numerous other reasons over the years.
“Family is everything,” said Lori. “Knowing we’re all taken care of by Pullman Regional is more valuable than words can explain.”