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Typical cost?
  • 1 – day stay $3,960 (Mom) + $1,285 (Baby) = $5,245
  • 2 – Day stay $6,670 ( Mom) + $2,055 (Baby) = $8,725
  • Cesarean $13,575
  • Epidural $2,031
  • Circumcision $225

*The above estimates do not include charges for labor induction or complications.  Obstetrical Estimates: Effective December 2019. Contact your obstetric provider for questions about their fees. 

Will my insurance pay for my baby's circumcision?

Some insurance plans cover part or all of the charges and others do not pay anything for circumcisions. In that case you would be responsible for the hospital charge (see above) and whatever your baby's doctor charges to perform the procedure. Be sure to contact your insurance company prior to giving birth to be sure.


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