Campfire in the Conference Room

Vicki's Story

Girls nights for Vicki Burnham and her friends were special, and usually involved an outdoor bonfire.  Vicki, who was at end of life and an inpatient at Pullman Regional Hospital, thought she wouldn’t be able to celebrate with her friends over a fire one last time.  ICU nurses, Melodie and Brittney, heard this and took action.  "They, along with a team of other staff, decided to make it their goal to have a campfire and picnic in the hospital conference room for family and friends." Vicki's friend, Marie stated, "They went out of their way to bring in an electric fireplace, tree limbs wrapped in Christmas lights, balloons, tablecloths with her favorite color, and music. They helped her get dressed in real clothes and safely transported her to the conference room. Everyone was more than friendly and went over and above to make sure it was a wonderful experience for all of us." Vicki’s friends came to her with all the food and fixings and the girls had their goodbye bonfire after all.  

“It meant the world to Vicki and we were so happy to do it for her and her family,” said Brittney, ICU nurse. “It’s really not that unusual,” said Melodie.  “It’s the culture our small hospital has. We are patient focused.”