Home Away from Home

Richard's Story

By David Johnson

Richard Moulson knows about quality medical care. For the past decade, the retired Oklahoma businessman has successfully battled both cancer and heart disease. So the last thing he wanted when visiting his granddaughter and her family in Pullman for a WSU football game was yet another chance to pass judgment on doctors, nurses and hospital staff – especially under emergency circumstances.

“But I got up in the morning, checked my bag, and it was full of blood,” Richard recalls. After having surgery a decade ago for colon cancer, Richard has worn a colostomy bag. He and his wife, Della May, were just a few days in to their first visit to Pullman to see family and attend a WSU football game. And his discovery, Richard recalls, derailed all their plans.

“My granddaughter said ‘You need to get to the hospital’ so that’s what we did.”

From the emergency room, Richard was admitted to intensive care at Pullman Regional Hospital. A colonoscopy was performed to find the source of the bleeding. He received transfusions and was relieved to hear the diagnosis: diverticulitis and colon polyp inflammation.

He spent time in the ICU to receive treatment and recover. His family was amazed at the level of attention he received. “He had a lot of attention from the doctors and nurses both,” said Lindsay, Richard’s Palouse-based granddaughter.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better experience at a hospital,” Richard, said.


Pullman Regional Hospital is recognized at a state and national level for its high patient satisfaction ratings – consistently in the 95th percentile in the nation. We believe the quality of our staff and their satisfaction with their work directly impacts our patients. We pride ourselves in providing personalized care with high care staff-patient ratios. In addition to a highly trained committed staff, we boast an incredibly low staff turnover. Our people combine their passion for caring with their empathy and high level of skills to provide exceptional care. The Pullman Regional Hospital Endowment for Quality & Access is critical to continuing this legacy, and it’s the generosity of our community that sustains us. Learn how you can help.

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