Partners in Health Excellence

On Monday, April 22nd, Washington State University’s Health Professions Student Center (HPSC) held its annual ‘We Made It!” event to recognize students who have successfully been admitted to professional health programs for the coming year.

Carrie Coen, Director of Summit Therapy and Health Services, gave the keynote speech, lending pearls of wisdom to the students about becoming successful health professionals. Two of the most important tips were to never take shortcuts in life, and to always surround yourself with people who will help you succeed.

Following the keynote address, Nikki Nolt, Volunteer Services Coordinator, was presented with the Friends of HPSC Award, to recognize her outstanding work facilitating student volunteers hours and experiences at the hospital; a crucial prerequisite to acceptance into any professional health program. We’re proud to be Partners in Excellence with Washington State University, and wish all future health professionals many years of success!