A Partnership between Pullman Regional Hospital and Washington State University

Partners in Excellence

As Partners in Excellence, Pullman Regional Hospital and Washington State University are working together to improve the healthcare experience and address population health. Recently, our Center for Learning & Innovation partnered with Dr. Roland Chen’s engineering design class from WSU’s Mechanical and Materials Engineering program to design a wearable arm sleeve simulator and chest tube simulator. 

“Wearable simulators keep the human connection and still provide a safe and realistic experience where healthcare providers can practice,” said Amber Roberts, Pullman Regional Hospital Education Coordinator.  “Having these simulators will improve healthcare provider skills and ultimately improve the care of the patients at Pullman Regional Hospital,” said Roberts.

The WSU students worked closely with our medical staff to ensure each piece of equipment included the most important elements, with a focus on realism. The students demonstrated the products to the Education Council and clinicians at Pullman Regional Hospital and received feedback.

 “The project not only provided a great learning experience for the students and engaged us with the local community, it also helped to enable safer patient care. The students are really excited to be a part of this endeavor.” -  Dr. Roland Chen, Ph.D.

We are continuing to work with these students to improve upon their designs this semester, and look forward to future collaboration opportunities with Washington State University.

Special thanks to WSU Mechanical Engineering students:

IV Arm: Beatriz Abad-Martinez, Kaveh Chea, Kevyn Conkle, Nate Kuenzi, Kacie Salmon, Sav Shresth, Jacob Freeman, Ryder Phelan, Daniel Portillo, Lorenzo Quintos, Kyler Starkey, Benjamin Stockdale, Brandon Zirkle, Jingdong Zhao, Erick Stirtz, Ethan Hanold, Gareth Henderson, Suwilanji Silozi

Chest Tube: Katheryn Cole, Jarrod Hammond, Kendal Hurd, Jacob Meek, Juan C. Reyes, Elizabeth Swanson, Harrison Adams, Jacob Benavidez, Kyle Bryant, Jacob Lazaro, Mandi Lye, and Jordan Raymond