Real Stories

Vicki's Story

Girls nights for Vicki Burnham and her friends were special, and usually involved an outdoor bonfire. Vicki, who was at end of life and an inpatient at Pullman Regional Hospital, thought she wouldn’t be able to celebrate with her friends over a fire one last time. ICU nurses, Melodie and Brittney, heard this and took action.

Lenora's Story

Our very own Lenora Waelti, Physical Therapist at Summit Therapy, had the opportunity of a lifetime to volunteer at the 2018 PyeongChang Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in South Korea this past February.

Jen's Story

“I’m fortunate that Pullman Regional Hospital provided this educational opportunity. If you think you don’t need further education, my friends and colleagues, you need it! For your patients, your co-workers, your families and most importantly, you!”

Amber's Story

“I’m grateful to Pullman Regional Hospital for making educational opportunities available. If someone is willing to invest in you, why wouldn’t you take advantage of that?”

David's Story

“The care at Pullman Regional all the way through to the helicopter flight and ultimately getting the pacemaker was outstanding. Even though the guy in the operating room at Sacred Heart had a Husky hat on,”

Beverly Wallin's Story

Beverly Wallin gives credit to her dog and Pullman Regional Hospital for “saving her life.”