Real Stories

New Year's Baby!

Pullman Regional Hospital welcomed a New Year’s Day baby to ring in 2019 on a celebratory note. Kathy & Matt Foss welcomed their baby girl, Anna Grace, at BirthPlace on January 1 at 6:42 a.m.

Kalyah's Story

Illana Williams wasn’t expecting to fly to Pullman in September, but when Kalyah, her daughter and a freshman on the WSU volleyball team, had to have emergency surgery on her leg, she booked her ticket right away.

Nicole's Story

“We loved how well BirthPlace worked with our primary care doctor Dr. (Kim) Guida." It was when Nicole’s 3 week old son, Judah, spiked a 101 F. fever in the middle of the night that the couple turned to BirthPlace again for medical care.

Carey's Story

“Everyone’s attitudes were just super and everyone was so helpful. The staff and anesthesiologists took the time to explain things to us.”

Justina's Story

A caring, responsive and non-judgmental experience. That’s what Justina Blackburn, breast cancer survivor, said about her healthcare experience at Pullman Regional Hospital’s Imaging Services.

Vicki's Story

Girls nights for Vicki Burnham and her friends were special, and usually involved an outdoor bonfire. Vicki, who was at end of life and an inpatient at Pullman Regional Hospital, thought she wouldn’t be able to celebrate with her friends over a fire one last time. ICU nurses, Melodie and Brittney, heard this and took action.