Real Stories

COOLIEF: The Pain is Gone!

Howard Beloit, 85, was ready for surgery on his hip it was hurting so bad. His orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Jacobson, who had performed a total joint replacement on his other hip, had other ideas though.

Disaster Medical Coordination Center (DMCC)

"I was so proud to not only be a part of this event but also to witness the excellent work that our staff put in that day. We pulled together quickly and were successful because we were a team.”

Bridger Buckley's Story

No matter the outcome of The Titan Games 2019, contestant Bridger Buckley will always be a titan.

Partners in Excellence

Our Center for Learning & Innovation partnered with Dr. Roland Chen’s engineering design class from WSU’s Mechanical and Materials Engineering program to design a wearable arm sleeve simulator and chest tube simulator.

Edward's Story

Edward Mace, a musician living in Pullman, never thought he’d be playing the piano at Pullman Regional Hospital as a venue. It was a nice diversion, however, when he ended up being a patient for two weeks after his appendix burst.

New Year's Baby!

Pullman Regional Hospital welcomed a New Year’s Day baby to ring in 2019 on a celebratory note. Kathy & Matt Foss welcomed their baby girl, Anna Grace, at BirthPlace on January 1 at 6:42 a.m.