Thankful for the BirthPlace and Emergency Department

Nicole's Story

Even though Nicole Kelp is a highly educated woman with a Ph.D. in Molecular Biosciences and studied pregnancy as part of her dissertation, she is thankful for the expertise of medical professionals at Pullman Regional Hospital’s Emergency Department and BirthPlace.  

“We (she and her husband, Markous) felt prepared and educated,” Nicole said. 

Their experiences at Pullman Regional Hospital -- from childbirth education classes to the birth itself -- were very positive.  

“We loved how well BirthPlace worked with our primary care doctor Dr. (Kim) Guida,” she said. 

It was when Nicole’s 3 week old son, Judah, spiked a 101 F. fever in the middle of the night that the couple turned to BirthPlace again for medical care. 

“This time they told us to take him to the Emergency Department,” said Nicole.  

Judah had to undergo a spinal tap by the pediatrician on call and stay in the hospital for three days to be monitored.  Ultimately, all the cultures came back negative and it was determined he had a virus. 

“Once again, we were really pleased with the coordination of care,” Nicole said. “There was great communication with all providers.” 

She and her husband commented that while their three day stay in the hospital with Judah was stressful, they felt like they were “getting pampered because it felt like the nurses were also taking care of us, and we had room service.” 

Today, Judah is past this bump in the road and is happy and healthy, says Mom. Thank you Pullman Regional Hospital!