A patient testimony through a clinician's viewpoint

Nicole Dwyer's Story

With experience in both sides of healthcare delivery, Pullman Regional Hospital Physician Assistant, Nicole tells all...

"Today I turned a corner. It’s been thirty two days since my knee replacement surgery, and for the first time I’m feeling almost back to my old self, in fact, I’m feeling better than my old self. I went for a short hike today and my knee pain was virtually non-existent. Sure, I have some soft tissue discomfort, but the arthritic pain I’ve felt for years is gone. It’s such a relief and I’ve been on cloud nine all day. I cannot give enough praise regarding my care by Dr. Pennington and the nurses, CNA’s, anesthetists and therapists that cared for me at Pullman Regional Hospital. I’m an employee and clinician with the Hospitalist service, and I’ve experienced both sides of healthcare delivery in many different institutions. Pullman Regional Hospital is above par with everything from the same day surgery staff, to the OR team, to the PACU team, the radiology department, the inpatient hospital nurses, pharmacists and therapists. I feel blessed to have received such excellent care, and to have such a talented and compassionate team of professionals to work with." -Nicole Dwyer, PA-C 

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