Athletic Training Services and So Much More

Michelle's Story

“Jasmine! We need medical, and we need 911!”

That wasn’t what Michelle Hyatt was expecting to hear among the crowd while timing at a Pullman High School track meet.

As Michelle, Lead Nurse for the Pullman School District, was making her way to the scene, so was the athletic trainer—Jasmine Kalili.

A volunteer judge had been hit in the head with a discus and was bleeding badly from a deep forehead gash. Michelle watched, ready to lend a hand, as Jasmine was quick to tend to the volunteer placing pressure on the wound, assessing neurological status and contacting the on-site physician, Dr. Ed Tingstad.

“What really impressed me was Jasmine remained calm, confident, and reassuring through all of this,” said Michelle.  “As soon as the injured volunteer was transported to the hospital, she was back to business as usual – tending to athletes injuries and requests. And she did this with a smile and calmness that I have rarely seen in my 25 years as a nurse!”

Athletic training services provided by Pullman Regional Hospital’s Orthopedic Center of Excellence has given Michelle peace of mind in both her role as Lead School Nurse and as a parent.

“I have had kids in sports at the high school for the past 8 years. All have had some sort of injury at some point either in running or swimming. Before Jasmine, we would either take care of the issues ourselves, relying on ‘Dr Google,’ or have to wait for an appointment with a physician, which could take weeks.”

Through the hospital’s program, student-athletes, and sometimes spectators, have the benefit of a certified athletic trainer ready to help students warm up, stretch out, tape up and respond to injuries.

Now in its third year, the athletic training program serves more than 750 student-athletes in Colton, Garfield-Palouse, Potlatch and Pullman High School. This program is made possible through philanthropy. To learn more and make a gift, visit