A caring, responsive, and non-judgmental experience.

Justina's Story

A caring, responsive and non-judgmental experience.  That’s what Justina Blackburn, breast cancer survivor, said about her healthcare experience at Pullman Regional Hospital’s Imaging Services. 

When Justina was diagnosed with breast cancer at Pullman Regional Hospital, she said the staff was comforting.  “Dr. Lloyd was very kind and understanding. He said if you have any questions, call me. And I remember I did.”

Anyone with cancer knows that waiting for the diagnosis can be the hardest part. Justina had her mammogram and biopsy done at Pullman Regional Hospital’s Imaging Services and had the results back in two days.

“And I think that’s because there was a weekend in there,” said the Pullman based program manager for Microsoft. “I have friends all over the world.  A friend of mine in the UK with breast cancer said it took her a week and a half to get her results back!”

Justina chose to have her treatment in Mexico where “they offer traditional and alternative” therapies but she had follow up appointments, including a CT and bone scan, at Pullman Regional Hospital. “Lyle checked in on me when I was there for my bone scan. He is just so calm and non-judgmental.”

“The front staff (at Imaging) is always friendly with a smile,” she said. “I always get checked in immediately and I never have to wait more than five minutes.”