Furthering my education

Jen's Story

In September 2016, Jen Beltran, ED nurse, who up until then had been working with an associate degree in nursing for 14 years and thought that was all she needed, enrolled in Western Governor University’s online nursing program through Pullman Regional Hospital’s tuition reimbursement program

Six months later, at the beginning of her second semester, Jen was ready to leave school and the nursing profession all together. She was facing professional challenges that caused her to question herself both personally and professionally.

Jen said she went through a reflection period and realized that advanced education was a road to new opportunities.

Once she made that decision, she never looked back and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in a year and a half.

“I even finished one month early,” Jen proudly notes.

“I knew after graduating that I wanted to take care of the people who are taking care of the people,” she said. “Going back to school was the best decision I ever made.”

After going through “a dark time,” committing to school and coming out the other end, Jen had an itch to look for other opportunities.  Ironically, that opportunity presented itself in the form of a job with the very program she graduated from -  Western Governors University.  Her new role is Recruitment Partner, in which she will oversee the evaluators of the online nursing program full-time working from home.

“I’ve never worked at home and I’ve never had a desk job so I’m nervous and excited,” she said.

In addition to a new job, Jen will be working on her Master’s in Healthcare Leadership at WGU starting this fall. She will continue working at Pullman Regional Hospital on a per diem basis. 

“I’m fortunate that Pullman Regional Hospital provided this educational opportunity,” Jen said. “If you think you don’t need further education, my friends and colleagues, you need it!  For your patients, your co-workers, your families and most importantly, you!”