Surgical Artistry

Jackie's Story

By David Johsnon

Jackie Sayre lives in Lewiston but opted to travel north for her medical care when she learned she needed a hysterectomy. A friend recommended Pullman-Moscow OB/GYN and the da Vinci surgical robotic system at Pullman Regional Hospital.

Under the care of Dr. Minudri, an obstetrician/gynecologist at Pullman-Moscow OB/GYN, one of several local da Vinci-trained surgeons, it was determined Jackie was indeed a candidate for a da Vinci procedure.

Jackie based her endorsement, in part, on two earlier conventional surgeries that caused her more pain and resulted in much longer recovery times.

“I was fearing the pain,” she said, but her friend had championed the da Vinci route. “She does my hair out in Asotin, and she had it (da Vinci surgery) done about a year ago and she just raved about how easy it was.”

Robotic-assisted surgery has been called revolutionary and pivotal to a growing medical technology renaissance. Pullman Regional Hospital invested in the new technology with the intention of providing state-of-the-art surgery close to home.

Using the da Vinci system, surgeons can perform complex urological and gynecological surgeries, in addition to general surgical procedures like gallbladder surgeries.

Jackie said claims of less pain and a shorter hospital stay proved to be true in her case. She took two weeks off work and threw away her pain pills five days after leaving the hospital.

While she touts the virtue of robotic-assisted surgery, Jackie equally lauded the only place in the quad-cities area where the surgery is available.

“The hospital had a real relaxed atmosphere. It was very warm and everyone was really friendly and did a good job explaining what they were going to do and how everything worked.”


Providing innovative technology like the da Vinci robotic-assisted surgical system at Pullman Regional Hospital is made possible through the generosity of our community. We are deeply invested in continuing a leading role in delivering the highest quality medical care and state-of-the-art technology despite the rising expense to provide it and dwindling government reimbursements to sustain it. The Pullman Regional Hospital Endowment for Quality & Access is critical to our plan and commitment to providing the highest quality care possible, right here at home. Learn how you can help.

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