Bridger Buckley's Story

No matter the outcome of The Titan Games 2019 currently playing on television, contestant Bridger Buckley will always be a titan. 

The 22 year old Washington State University student can currently be seen competing on Titan Games 2019 on Thursday evenings on NBC but he is sworn to secrecy about who ultimately wins the competition. Whatever the outcome, he is grateful for the opportunity since two years ago, he was laying at home on bedrest after flying head first over a car while riding his bicycle on Bishop Boulevard in Pullman.    

Amazingly, two off duty EMTs were walking to the movie theatre when they witnessed the crash and immediately put their skills to work, stabilizing Bridger’s head and neck.  The ambulance took him to Pullman Regional Hospital’s Emergency Department where he was unconscious most of the time.  

“I don’t remember a lot but I do remember them telling me they were going to staple my head shut,” Bridger said. 

In addition to a concussion, Bridger fractured his neck and back in three spots. Despite all this, he spent only one night at Pullman Regional Hospital.  

“My mom came and brought me home to Seattle,” he said. “After the accident, I had to withdraw from school and spend months at home on bed rest.” 

Bridger’s love of fitness kept him motivated. 

“I might have pushed going back too early to the gym to work out but I just love it so much,” he said. 

After months of physical therapy, recovery and continuing to push himself in the gym, Bridger came back to WSU and tried out as a walk on for spring football, which he said was a personal goal.  He made it and played but then decided “it wasn’t worth it.” 

 Instead, he applied to be on the Titan’s show in April 2018.  He made the cut and was flown to Los Angeles in July to compete against 32 other men.  (There are 32 women who make the cut as well.)  

“Each week you go head to head with someone, then it boils down to one guy against one guy and one girl versus one girl,” he said. 

The Finance major who spends an average of five hours a day in the gym is graduating this spring and is thinking about new opportunities to pursue.  

“I really enjoyed being on the show, L.A. and the beaches,” he said. “I’m thinking about acting or the fitness entertainment business.”