Advocating for advanced education

Amber's Story

Amber Roberts has a mission to create clinical competency programs at Pullman Regional Hospital that recognize what staff know and train them on what they don’t know.  As part of her capstone project for her Master’s in Nursing Education through Western Governors University, Amber evaluated and created a competency program for nurses at Pullman Regional Hospital.  In doing so, she recommended the Health Stream modules assigned to nurses be streamlined. “The average nurse was assigned 56 learning modules,” she said. “Some of these were not necessary and didn’t recognize what nurses already know.”

This evaluation of our current system, her advanced education, and  collaboration with Donna Wright, a consultant in healthcare competency building, allowed Amber to create a new model to build competencies, including examining what are areas of high risk, what’s new or  trending in the nursing discipline, and what’s changing.  She is working with the Nursing Unit Based Councils to create and implement this new approach to clinical competency at Pullman Regional Hospital.

“I love what I do and love looking at different ways staff can get educated and fulfill their competencies,” she said.

Amber, who worked in BirthPlace as a nurse and manager for 18 years and moved  into her role in Clinical Education in 2015, graduated from WGU earlier this year. To assist regular full and part-time employees to continue their higher education, Pullman Regional Hospital offers a tuition reimbursement program for both undergraduate and graduate courses.

“Bernadette was an integral reason why I decided to get an advanced degree,” Amber said. “She encouraged me and told me how easy they (WGU) make it for you.”

She says attaining advanced education is good for the nursing profession.

“When you obtain higher degree levels, you are more highly respected by other healthcare professionals,” she said.

“I’m grateful to Pullman Regional Hospital for making educational opportunities available.”  She adds “If someone is willing to invest in you, why wouldn’t you take advantage of that?” 

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