Why I choose to work at

Pullman Regional Hospital

Kim McGee Devich, MN, RN

Clinical Informatics

I work at Pullman Regional Hospital because I love the friendly yet professional culture, benefits, education, and commitment to work-life balance. The hospital is a great community partner and I always have the resources I need to do my work well.

Carrie Coen

PT, DPT, Summit Therapy & Health Services Director

I love my job because it never feels like a job, it feels like something that I am privileged to do five days a week. The opportunity to work for an organization that holds the same values and with a team who shares the same vision is priceless! I have encouragement to think and be innovative, to put patient care and safety at the top of my priority list and to do the right thing by patients and the team. Each day is exciting and it is fun to envision what the future might hold. I am blessed to be a part of such a fantastic place to work.

Alison Weigley

Pullman Regional Hospital Foundation Assistant Director of Development, External Relations & Marketing

The people at Pullman Regional Hospital are exceptional. Without exception, they care deeply about making a meaningful and positive impact on patients, volunteers, colleagues, providers, donors and the community. I am beyond grateful to work here and to have the privilege of contributing to a culture of healing, compassion and generosity.

Frances Preston

Occupational Therapist, OTR/L

My first clue that working for Pullman Regional was going to be different came during the two day new employee orientation. Firstly, I could not believe that the CEO actually spent real time with us. I had worked for another facility for several years and barely knew what the CEO looked like. The people who make up PRH believe in the hospital’s mission statement, they believe in trying to give the best care they can to each and every patient. The people at PRH care about each other, their work, their patients and the hospital.

Corrine Phillips, R.N.

Director of BirthPlace

“I moved here from Skagit Valley in western Washington (where she worked for the same hospital for 27 years) because we like the area and I like this organization’s inclusive approach to management. Staff are supported and patients are taken care of at a very high level, even after discharge, for example Caring for Baby is part of our patients’ hospital charge. I made the right choice choosing Pullman Regional Hospital to work.”

Kim Guida, M.D.

Pullman Family Medicine

"As a physician at Pullman Family Medicine, I have been delivering babies at Pullman Regional Hospital for 13 years. This hospital stands alone for its commitment to excellence, cutting-edge technology, and patient-centered approach to medical care. My patients receive outstanding care from the moment they check in until the time of discharge. I am proud to be a part of such a collegial, dedicated, and highly accomplished health care team."

Stephanie Fosback, M.D.

Hospitalist, Pullman Regional Hospital & Internal Medicine, Palouse Medical

"I chose to work at Pullman Regional Hospital because of the dedication to excellence here. I love the small and caring atmosphere. We truly get to know our patients, their families and make an impact in their lives. The entire care team here is committed to providing the best care and remaining on the cutting edge of medicine. It is a wonderful, collegial and warm place to work!"

Karen Geheb, M.D.

Director of Hospitalist Services

“I work here because I have been entrusted by the community as a steward of the hospital. I’m supportive of the staffing model and patient centered care that allows all of us to provide consistent, high quality care to our patients. If my family was sick, there is no other place I’d want them to be than at Pullman Regional Hospital.”