The Pullman Regional Hospital Foundation recently awarded five scholarships to Elizabeth Boyd, Bonnie Brown, Carrie Coen, Megan Rice, and Jessica Roe for the 2019 Fall semester.

Bonnie Brown received a $1,000 scholarship to pursue a Bachelor of Science Nursing degree. The scholarship is available to Pullman Regional Hospital registered nurses enrolled in an accredited B.S.N. program who have been employed at the hospital for at least one year and work a minimum of twenty hours a week.

Eight years ago Bonnie Brown started her career at Pullman Regional Hospital as a nursing assistant. Working in the BirthPlace enriched her love for helping out with labor and delivery and she’s actively pursued her education as a nurse. “This is the exact place I belong,” shared Brown in her scholarship application. She is pursuing her B.S.N. to “be the best nurse I can be, right here at Pullman Regional Hospital.”

Elizabeth Boyd, Carrie Coen and Jessica Roe received the Pullman Regional Hospital Staff Education Scholarship, which provides $2,500 to employees seeking to improve their skills and advance their education and healthcare career to benefit the patients of Pullman Regional Hospital. The scholarship is available to any employee who has been employed at the hospital for at least one year and works a minimum of twenty hours a week. Awarded funds may be used for tuition, books and school expenses.

Elizabeth Boyd is pursuing her B.S.N. as the next step in her educational goal of earning a leadership position in nursing. After four years at Pullman Regional Hospital, Boyd is a member of the Care Coordination Department. Her work as a utilization management nurse is recognized as a “great asset” to her department and the hospital by her supervisor.

On behalf of Pullman Regional Hospital’s Summit Therapy & Health Services, Carrie Coen, Director, is utilizing scholarship funds to train 15 of her staff members in a Falls Prevention Program. After receiving the training, hospital staff could offer “Stay Active and Independent in Life” classes to the community and outlying regions.

Jessica Roe has spent the last four years at Pullman Regional Hospital working as a CNA. Working with the exceptional nursing staff in the BirthPlace—a multi-year Women’s Choice Award recipient—has inspired Roe to take the next step in her career and become a registered nurse. “The staff in the BirthPlace department goes above and beyond to provide quality care to our patients. I love being part of such a hardworking, compassionate team,” says Roe.

Washington State University College of Pharmacy student, Megan Rice is the 2019 Fall semester recipient of the Bill Gaskins Pharmacy Scholarship. The $2,500 scholarship is awarded to eligible applicants seeking to practice pharmacy in a rural environment or provide services to underserved populations. Funds may be used to assist with tuition, fees, books, travel and living expenses.

As a native of the Yakima Valley, Megan Rice seeks to give back to her hometown, serving the migrant workers and their families as the pharmacist “that makes a difference.” “I would love to have a chance to work in a mental health facility and assist patients that may not be getting the best care available, because they are being treated in a small town with limited resources,” she wrote in her application.

The Pullman Regional Hospital Foundation awards scholarships twice a year. Applicants are eligible to receive one Staff Education scholarship a lifetime, but may additionally apply for and receive a BSN Scholarship through the BSN Scholarship program.

Applications for 2020 Spring scholarships will be available through Pullman Regional Hospital Foundation in October of 2019.

Contact: Alison Weigley, Assistant Director of Development, Marketing & Major Gifts 
Pullman Regional Hospital Foundation 

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