The Pullman Regional Hospital Board of Commissioners voted to approve a resolution to put a measure on the ballot for a special election in Pullman on April 23. There is an 18 day voting period so ballots are expected to be mailed approximately April 5. 

The measure will ask Pullman city residents to vote to approve funding of $29 million general obligation bonds to 1. acquire and implement a community wide electronic personal health record system 2. construct a community health facility (Pavilion) 3. acquire new medical technology 4. redesign and upgrade Pullman Regional Hospital and carry out other capital improvements. 

The bond would be financed through a property tax assessment at a proposed rate of 99 cents per $1,000 assessed property value in Pullman. This is the same amount that was proposed and approved in 2001 to help finance the construction of the new hospital. Pullman Regional Hospital expects to retire the 2001 new hospital bond in 2021. A house in Pullman with an assessed value of $250,000 would expect to pay about $250 a year. 

Pullman Regional Hospital is a public district hospital and its boundaries are Pullman city limits.

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