Francik receives National certification as a Health and Wellness Coach

Oct 23, 2017

Melissa Francik, MS, RDN, CD, registered dietitian nutritionist at Pullman Regional Hospital, recently passed the national board exam in Health and Wellness Coaching, the first ever national exam in this specialty.  This makes Francik one of only 300 National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coaches in the country. The purpose of the exam was to create a national set of standards under the Medical Board of Examiners which defines the training and qualifications of a health care provider with this title.

Francik has been working toward this goal for the last two years and has completed an additional 50 hours of coaching sessions in addition to passing the national boards. "Coaching has increased my effectiveness and joy working as a dietitian at PRH, while also significantly improving patient outcomes, because the positive changes are patient-directed. During the past two years, I have discovered a passion for helping people 'come alive' or thrive in their lives," Melissa explained.

Francik teaches Healthy Steps Together, a comprehensive weight management program at Pullman Regional Hospital, and is available for outpatient nutrition consultation appointments. You can contact her at

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