The Whitman County Health Network, a collection of more than 20 health and social service agencies in the county, is currently conducting a Needs Assessment survey of all Whitman County residents. A number of Whitman County area agencies have come together with the Whitman County Health Network to fund the survey.

The survey can be taken online at  The survey is confidential and all information will be summarized in a way that no individual’s response can be identified. The deadline is November 16th. 

The needs assessment survey is designed to understand the health and social service issues facing households in our communities, no matter what level of services needed or used, so agencies can meet community needs and strengthen resources. 

The Whitman County Health Network last conducted a needs assessment survey in 2015. Results from this survey were used to target the highest needs and action plans were formed.  For example, in 2015, the highest need for all residents was reported as “access to affordable dental care.”  This resulted in work by lead agencies to bring a dental clinic to the area.  Beginning in November, the Unify Family Dental Clinic will open in Pullman and serve low income and Medicaid patients. 

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