Smartphone Version of the Meditech Patient Portal

Aug 30, 2016


Patients now have the ability to pull up all of their patient portal information from their smartphone. This provides patients with easy access to pertinent health care information wherever they are.  With instant access to health care data patients are more engaged and proactive about questions and concerns they may have about their portal information.



MEDITECH Dictionaries and Parameters

No addition build is required. The mobile form of the patient portal will automatically conform to smartphone devices without additional set up. The mobile form will respect the dictionary prompts and parameters already defined for the patient portal.



Setup on Smartphone

Access the URL on the Smartphone that is used by the patient on their computer.


This puts an icon of the Patient Portal on the Home Screen for future access.


Smartphone Patient Portal Access

The user logs into the portal as usual.


Below you will see the two formatting options available for the Smartphone Version of the patient portal. On the left you have the ‘grid’ format and on the right is the ‘list’ format. Using the mobile version you are able to access the same amount of information as you would in the computer/tablet version of patient portal.



Results provide users with up to date information on the Laboratory and Microbiology specimens. Accessing Results on your mobile device also provides users with an added feature of graphing the result history.



Users will still have the ability to view their active and chronic home medications.


Health Summary

The Health Summary section provides users with the ability to view and download the Continuity of Care Document (CCD).



Patients also have the ability to view reports from Imaging and Therapeutic Services (ITS). The portal accepts both Microsoft Word and Meditor formats.


Visit History

Visit History provides users with a comprehensive list of their hospital and office visits. Clicking on a specific visit will provide the user with detailed information pertaining to that visit including a visit specific Continuity of Care Document (Only for Inpatient visits), Discharge Forms and Instructions, as well as Visit Care Team providers.



The Allergies section of the portal provides up to date information on a patient's active Allergies and Adverse Reactions.



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