Pullman Regional Hospital Nurse Leaders Receive Regional Honors

Jul 8, 2013

It is a great honor to be recognized and appreciated by peers. For many nurses, recognition and appreciation is a simple thank you, or even just a smile. For two of Pullman Regional Hospital's nurse leaders, recognition by the Northwest Organization for Nurse Executives comes in the form of an award ceremony in Seattle.

Recipient of the 2013 Authentic Leadership recognition is Jeannie Eylar, RN, MSN, and Chief Clinical Officer for Pullman Regional Hospital. The Emerging Nurse Leader was awarded to Stacey Aggabao, RN, BSN, CEN, and Director of Pullman Regional Hospital's Emergency Department.

Both award recipients were nominated by their peers in recognition for serving as meaningful and effective leaders as they navigate the challenging waters of a changing healthcare system.

While the roles they serve are tough, it was easy for their peers to write deserving words in support of nominating both Eylar and Aggabao for these prestigious awards.

Joan Hendrickson, Assistant Director for the Medical/Surgical Department at Pullman Regional Hospital, described the encouragement Eylar gives to all hospital staff to aim towards professional excellence and a true appreciation and respect for every person she encounters. "She takes a personal interest in those around her—a really important quality in a leader. She makes people feel valued and important."

"There is not a staff member at Pullman Regional Hospital that does not know they can approach and speak with Jeannie Eylar about any concern they have," wroteWilliam Gonnello, Director of Outpatient Services. "Her openness and receptivity are worthy of emulation."

Others wrote of Eylar's drive to be innovative and endlessly supportive of community education to make for a healthier community along with an intense commitment to patient safety.

Eylar said it was an overwhelming honor just to be nominated. "I love being a nurse, have loved it for 32 years. I loved being a direct patient care provider where I could try to make patients' and families experiences the best they could be. In a leadership role, what I enjoy the most is working to develop a culture and the environment where clinicians can provide the kind of care that they want to give to the patients and their families. I am the luckiest person in the world to love my job, love the profession of nursing, and love the people I work with at Pullman Regional.

Nominators for Aggabao's Emerging Nurse Leader Award emphasized the culture of mutual respect and trust Aggabao has fostered within Pullman Regional Hospital's Emergency Department. 

"Stacey is one of the best and most capable nursing directors of an Emergency Department that I have worked with in my 20 years as Medical Director of the Emergency Department," wrote Richard Caggiano, MD and Pullman Regional Hospital Chief Medical Officer. "She is smart, organized, and very fair. She understands all facets of emergency medicine and has been active in the community with respect to alcohol and drug prevention."

Other coworkers wrote about her exceptional ability to communicate and build relationships with staff, physicians, patients, coworkers, and the community—evidenced in her leadership within the Alcohol Task Force, in cooperation with Washington State University, and her unwavering support of hospital community outreach activities.

"Receiving the award was very humbling," said Aggabao. "I didn't expect to be ‘rewarded' for my leadership, but the recognition of being an emerging nurse leader is great. Overall, it lets me know I am working towards my goals of being a leader who can have an impact on others and create my own legacy in nursing leadership. It gives me the confidence to continue to work harder, learn and strive to be better."

Pullman Regional Hospital CEO, Scott Adams, believes effective leadership is essential in order for the hospital to be true to values as a group of people, to support the mission to serve the community, and to measure progress in achieving future visions. "Jeannie and Stacey exemplify the best in leadership at Pullman Regional Hospital and they provide many opportunities for each of us to learn from their efforts and to strengthen our leadership commitment. We are fortunate to have them serve so effectively in their leadership roles."

Contact: Alison Weigley, Community Relations Coordinator
Pullman Regional Hospital

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