Centered on Excellence

Community Health 2020

A Bold Vision

Community Health 2020 is a plan to make Pullman Regional Hospital self-determining and self-sustaining. It builds on the quality and service we deliver as a public district hospital and creates a community partnership committed to sustaining a healthcare system that we can control locally in a time of healthcare transformation.


Two key Community Health 2020 initiatives:

Endowment for Quality & Access

The Endowment is critical to our plan to sustain the quality of our services and assure access to needed services. The purpose of the Endowment for Quality & Access is to provide an alternate funding source that is not dependent upon government decisions or healthcare reform changes. It is a locally created and a supported source of funding that provides an annual flow of funds to support continued access to quality medical services.

Community Health & Leadership Pavilion

Our vision is to create a dedicated space to address healthcare needs of individuals and the community. The Pavilion will establish the foundation upon which we will work to develop a new model for delivering healthcare that will improve access to medical services, increase the integration and coordination of medical care, improve quality and lower costs.